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06 August 2010 @ 08:43 pm
WAI HALO THAR JUMPions. After managing to gather all of us in one place (which is in this community), a few of us came up with the idea to do a fanmeet! The few of us whom are planning this all are unexperience little amateurs so here's a little poll. Fill it in, and then read the lengthy text that follows after the cut. (Its a must if you're interested :P)

Poll #1602402 Fanmeet-up in Malaysia
This poll is closed.

Do you want a fanmeet-up?


Is the 2 weeks of September holidays OK?


Details++Collapse )

Please respond! If there're no respond, I shall do a private one with some of us instead :P

p/s: I changed the community's header! I'm sorry that I didn't make one for Inoo's birthday :P
13 June 2010 @ 11:28 am
Because I want a post *shot* And not to say anyone asked. Hahahaha.

Q: What community is this?
A: This is a community made by Malaysian fans of Hey! Say! JUMP for Malaysian fans of Hey! Say! JUMP. We aim to gather all HSJ Malaysian fans in a place.. :D

Q: JUMPions? What’s?
A: JUMPions, inspired by the word ‘champion’. This is a term used to call ourselves. Yey~!

Q: What must I be to join the community?
A: A Malaysian and a Hey! Say! JUMP fan! and a human of course

Q: How do I join the community?

A: You have to do these~ Don’t miss out any or you’ll be rejected/not approved:
• First, introduce yourself in THIS post.
• You can find a joining link in the community info page (there is a link to it in the side bar under "Join"), or if you have enabled the navigation bar (you can find a join community link there also), or since you're here already, simply click THIS.

Q: What is the purpose of making a member introduction post?
A: Reasons!!:
• So that the Membership MOD can identify you as a Malaysian and a JUMPion.
• So that other members can make friends through that post! Yes, its like a friending meme.

Q: I introduced myself at the members’ introduction post! Why am I not approved membership yet?
A: Have you clicked “JOIN”? ;p

Q: I clicked JOIN, but why am I not approved?
A: If you have commented, maybe because the Membership MOD (theivorykeys) is not yet online or busy.

Q: I clicked JOIN, and I got rejected! Why… D:
A: There are possibilities of this happening:
• You didn’t introduce yourself HERE. MODs give each who didn’t comment in THIS post a ‘lifespan’ of 48 hours to make a comment there. (please message either of us if you can't comment!)
• You are not Malaysian. *gasps*

Q: I got rejected. Can I apply to join again?
A: Yeah, do so! You won’t get banned if you get rejected too much, don’t worry. but don’t apply if you don’t fit the criteria as a Malaysian.

Q: I’m a Malaysian, but I’m residing in another country. Can I still join?
A: Yo! It’s a community made for Malaysians :D So of course you can! Therefore, in the members’ introduction part, please include that you are a Malaysian either in the ‘random facts’ or the ‘anything else?’ part!

Q: I want to affiliate with your community! How do I ask?
A: Ask here!

Q: I have questions.
A: For posting, please refer to the Posting MOD (ryosukeyuki). For membership, please refer to the Membership MOD (theivorykeys).

Q: Can I post a sales post?
A: Of course. Remember to tag your post as "Sales".

Tadaaaa. Ask some more. Then I’ll add questions in here. XD
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12 June 2010 @ 04:58 pm
*insert royal trumpeting*
In the name of spreading the Hey! Say! JUMP love amongst Malaysians and the world, I hereby decree that we shall be affiliated with anyone who is devoted to the cause of spreading JE and more specifically Hey! Say! JUMP love. With the help of my fellow Hey! Say! JUMP fangirls and moderators hyuuchiha_miki and ryosukeyuki, we strive to spread love, love, love and we want YOU to join our cause. 

12 June 2010 @ 03:48 pm

So, here we compile each member by state. To get to know your fellow state fans and make it easier for you guys to hold gatherings and such. Get to know your fellow comm and fangirl members, ne?

P.S. We'd love if you got to know every member in the comm. To make us a friendly and happy comm

Kuala Lumpur


SabahNegeri SembilanSarawakJohor


Total number of members: 45

*If I've gotten any links or information wrong, please don't hesitate to tell me. (:
11 June 2010 @ 11:14 am

Yokoso JUMPions~!

Yes, that is what we as the Hey! Say! JUMP fans of Malaysia have decided to call ourselves.
Welcome, to a community dedicated to the Hey! Say! JUMP fans of the lovely country Malaysia and to our beloved Hey! Say! JUMP

Feel free to be a part of our community if you're Malaysian and don't hesitate to spread the Hey! Say! JUMP love to the rest of the world.

We're JUMPions and Hey! Say! JUMP are our CHAMPions. (:

11 June 2010 @ 11:11 am

Hello, to all JUMPions. (:
To be a part of our community, do fill in this form before joining so that your identity as a real Malaysian and Hey! Say! JUMP can be verified. Also, it's to note down the number of members from each state...making gatherings and such easier. (:

Name: (either real or not, it's alright)
Location (City, State): (You can choose to not reveal city but we need to know, kay?)

Favourite member:
Method of lure: [How they convinced you into the fandom. eg. Takaki and his swaying hips in Hey! Say! (:]
Knew them since:
LOVE them since:
Favourite pairing(s):
Favourite song(s):

Other fandoms:
Random fact(s):
Anything else?:

Pictures (not more than 300x300px), flashy texts or just simple will do! :)

To make it easier for others from the same state to locate you, we're compiling a list of members according to state. (; Yes, it looks very much like [info]jefans_msia

Copy & paste this form (specially HTML-ed nicely for you already!) in your comment ;)

Do fill up the form. Please and thank you. (:

Edited: Hey all JUMPions! We've noticed that there has been people joining the comm via FaceBook and we would just like that say that we've opened the commenting to EVERYONE! We hope that you don't abuse this, yeah? Also, we would also like to mention that everyone looking to join has to comment here or your application won't be approved, kay? Including applications through FaceBook.

IMPORTANT: It's theivorykeys here. (: I hope you're enjoying your time as a JUMPion eventhough we're rather dead here. Sorry. ;p I would just like to say to future JUMPions. Note that even if you've commented here, I would like for you to click on the button that says JOIN COMMUNITY as I will not be making personal invites. We would like for you to take the initiative to be a part of us and not just in name, yeah? Also, reminder that the two day commenting period still exists. All requests that have not been commented on in two days will be deleted. You are most welcome to request membership again. Thankyou.
10 June 2010 @ 02:08 pm
First of all, to those of you who have just joined our community for Malaysian Hey! Say! JUMP fans, thank you so much and for those of you who even bother to click at the rules and read them, thanks a billion. We really appreciate your patience and kind understanding. So here are some of the basic rules that I think are reasonable and easy for you guys to follow :


* Please introduce yourself here if you wish to join the community. The moderators will make sure you are a genuine Hey! Say! JUMP fan as well as a Malaysian before approving your membership.
Edit : We have been receiving a few membership requests by non-registered LJ users using their Facebook accounts. The commenting is now open for everyone, so Facebook users must also leave comments in the application post. Thank you. We hope to get your co-operation.
* Please note that you are not able to make a post before your membership is approved. Once it is approved, you may do so by following the rules below.


* Fanfiction posts are definitely NOT allowed. (to avoid a whole long list of spams)
* All posts must be member-locked except for posts by moderators (eg: announcements, activites, rules update).
* No one-letter posts or only-title posts without contents.
* Posts MUST be in ENGLISH but Bahasa Malaysia or any other languages are allowed in comments as long as they are understandable.
* Preferably written in proper English that will not cause nausea to people who reads your posts.
* Occasional Malaysian English is of course allowed but please avoid using too many of “la, ma, meh, lo, le etc.”
* Please do not TyP3 L1k3 t15 when writing a post. DON’T.
* Make sure you create suitable titles for your posts.
* Use an LJ-cut when necessary.
* Fangirl/Introduction posts are not allowed but you may insert a little bit of fangirling along with your informative posts.
* Please use only the DEFAULT COLOUR when making a post. However, you may highlight or underline any important phrases.
* All spoilers must be put under an LJ-cut no matter how trivial they are. Make sure you include a warning that there is a spoiler behind that cut.
* IMPORTANT : Mods will post a birthday post on each member's birthday and birthday posts from members other than mods will be deleted. (also to avoid a whole long list of spams) Thus, birthday wishes and greetings for the members are only allowed in comments.


* Please use proper language as in no bad words like the four letter word (eg: What da fuck is this?).
* Please mind your language when writing a post or commenting.
* No bashing as well as cursing any of the HSJ members or the other members of this community. To make it simple, RESPECT everyone here.
* Remember to credit or ask for permission from the respective source providers before re-posting their images or files.


* All posts must be accurately tagged. (note: refer to tags available if unsure). If you are still unsure of which tags to use, tag your posts under ‘Others’ first and the mods will then tag them for you later.
* The '*mod post' tag is strictly allowed for mods only.
* Please be aware that the ‘Rumour’ tag is only suitable for rumours like HSJ’s upcoming singles or dramas or their appearances in variety shows that are yet to be proven in Johnny’s net.
* Scandalous rumours are highly discouraged. Please ask for permission from the mods before posting any scandalous rumours or else your post will be deleted.
* If you have any inquiries, tag your post under ‘Help/Request’.
* Use the ‘Sales’ tag if you wish to purchase, sell or auction any HSJ merchandise.
* For any post about Japanese related stuffs available in Malaysia (Bon Odori, 100 Yen Shop, Shojikiya or Kinokuniya), please kindly use the ‘Nippon in Malaysia’ tag. However, you have to ask for permission from the mods first before posting such posts with 'Nippon in Malaysia' tags so that the mods can decide whether they are appropriate or not.

Okay, so these are the basic rules that every member should follow. These rules are simple enough so please obey them. Of course, we do not wish to ban anyone from this community. Peace, everyone and let’s spread the Hey! Say! JUMP love!!

Lastly, THANK YOU!!
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