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msian_hsjfans's Journal

Malaysian JUMPions
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A place for Malaysian Hey! Say! JUMP fans to display their love and meet others who feel the same
JUMPions ♦ Hey! Say! JUMP ♣ Rules ♥ Mods ♠ Credits
The unofficial name of Hey! Say! JUMP fans. Inspired by the word 'champion'.

This community is created by yours truly Malaysian JUMPions as a site to gather other Malaysian JUMPions, where we can share our utmost flailings, with certain rules, that is ;)
10 young boys, born in the Heisei era.

They are
♣ Yabu Kota
♣ Takaki Yuya
♣ Inoo Kei
♣ Yaotome Hikaru
♣ Arioka Daiki
♣ Okamoto Keito
♣ Yamada Ryosuke
♣ Nakajima Yuto
♣ Chinen Yuuri
♣ Morimoto Ryutaro
1. Please comment in THIS post before joining!
2. Remember to click JOIN!
3. All posts must be in proper ENGLISH and properly tagged.
4. Follow all the rules : )

These are just the basic rules! For the complete rules of the community, please refer to THIS post. No, its not long.. Don't worry ;p
theivorykeys; Saaya. Membership
ryosukeyuki; Yuki. Posting
hyuuchiha_miki; Miki. Graphics & Layout

For any inquiries, you can contact us at my_jumpions@hotmail.com
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